Support Manager

This one plugin provider different functionalities like FAQ management, Ticket Management and Knowledge base Management.

Supported Versions: nopCommerce 3.80, nopCommerce 3.90, nopCommerce 4.0, nopCommerce 4.1
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This plugin includes 

1. FAQ Management:

Admin user can easily create FAQ which will get displayed in front end. Customer can search FAQ`s by using particular term. FAQ`s are grouped by category so, it will be easy for customer to see the FAQ`s related to particular category.

2. Ticket Management.

Customer can create a ticket by using the link provided in my account section. Admin user will be able to see the all open ticket and then can assigne that ticket to particular member to resolve it.

3. Knowledge Base Management.

Create a knowledge base which will be helpful for internal working.



Products specifications
Features Multi-Store Support
Features Responsive Design
Features Easy to install and manage from the nopCommerce Admin panel