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Featured Plugins

Customer Reminders

Customer Reminders plugin works in the background, sending email notifications to your cus...

Product Page Extension

The plugin provides number of feature for product page such as download product as PDF, Em...

Product Box Extension

Execula Product Box Extension plugin provides easy and effective feature...

Custom HTML Placements

The Custom HTML Placements plugin allows to embed custom HTML code into over 100 Pre-Confi...

Banners Anywhere

This Plugin allows you to configure slider for home page as well as multiple category page...

One Product Checkout

One Product Checkout is a plugin that provide a simple way to promote a product of your st...

TAB Anywhere

TAB Anywhere plugin is a Quick and Easy way to show your product and category information ...

Product Pin Point/Image Gallery

This plugin is an easy way to add Slider or banners to your store. It provides a way to ad...

Execula Seo plugin

SEO Plugin helps you to distribute content across multiple social networks and platforms w...

Support Manager

This plugin provides frequently asked questions management system and Ticket Management sy...


This plugins allows user to integrate Braintree payment gateway
Supported Vers...

Flexible Menu

This plugin provides an easy and effective navigation in your nopCommerce store. With this...

Cart Page Extension

This provides email cart link, buy later, note and convert cart to quote functionality for...

Heartland Secure Payment

This plugin allows paying with Credit Card using Heartland secure Payment System.

Ship Station

Store owner can ship order via ShipStation.
Supported Version: nopCommerce...

Mail Chimp

Execula MailChimp plugin is an email marketing tool that integrates with MailChimp and se...

Kole Import

This plugin allow you to import product from kole import Api
Supported Versions:...

Previous Next

Previous Next Products in product detail pages
Supported Versions: nopc...

Shipping Echo

This plugin allows you to charge shipping by package packing type
Supported Ver...

Solr Search

This plugin replace the nopCommerce default search with Apache Solr search. Search by usi...

Shipping by Total

This plugin is a shipping rate computation method that provides shipping rates based on an...

Product Personalizer

The Product Personalizer plugin will your customers to design and customize any kind of p...

Store Locator

This powerful plugin uses the official Google Maps interface and is perfect for stores, de...


QuickBooks (Intuit) integration automatically sync Inventory, Products, and Orders to Qui...

eBay Ingeration

This plugin makes life easier for businesses by providing an easy way to upload and list y...

Shipment Tracking

This plugin allows you to track your shipment and escape tedious manual order management u...

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program plugin is great marketing tool that helps make money by advertising prod...

Product Components

This plugin allows you to add elements related to products or categories of your store and...

Authorize.Net ACH

This plugin provides electronic check payment method that enables you to accept and proces...

Starter Ecommerce Plan

This plan includes creating basic nopCommerce website and hosting it on server.
Call 480-463-1912 for pricing

Baby Ecommerce Plan

This plan includes creating basic nopCommerce website and hosting it on server. This is f...
Call 480-463-1912 for pricing

Use Customer's Shipping Provider

This plugin allows you to configure multiple Shipping Provider with value and then allows ...
Call 480-463-1912 for pricing