DeltaTutor Nopcommerce 4.2 Theme + 5 plugin

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Fusion Nopcommerce theme is beautiful responsive design, supporting all mobile device and tablets and also supporting in all browser like internet Explorer,Safari, Chrome, Opera & Firefox, Fusion comes with a 5 plugin,like Banner Anywhere, Cart Page Extension, Product Page Extension, Flexible Menu and Product Box.

Fusion Theme Is responsive, each and every element are fully responsive. Weather you're looking at mobile,tablet or desktop device.


Fusion Theme Provides Unique PRODUCT Page Design


Fusion Theme Provides Unique CART Page Design


Fusion Theme work perfectly with all browser like internet Esplorer, Safari, Chrome, Opera & Firefox so you will never lose any vistors

  • 1. Support version 4.2
  • 2. Multi-store / Multi-vendor support
  • 3. Clean HTML and CSS structure for easy customization
  • 4. Fully localizable and can be used in any language
  • 5. Tested with all major browsers


Cart Page Extension Product Page Extension Flexible Menu product box

The theme comes with 5 plugins to offer a complete ecommerce solution packed with all the necessary functionality

1. Banner Anywhere
This Plugin allows you to configure slider for home page as well as multiple category page for your store with multiple options.
2. Cart Page Extension
This provides email cart link, buy later, note and convert cart to quote functionality for cart page.
3. Product Page Extension
The plugin provides number of feature for product page such as download product as PDF, Email Cart, Previous & Next , Zoomer Product Notes etc.
4. Flexible Menu
This plugin provides an easy and effective navigation in your nopCommerce store. With this plugin, the user can manage the front end top menu in an easy way right from your administration panel. With this plugin, the user can add custom menu also.
5. Product Box
Execula Product Box Extension plugin provides easy and effective features in your nopCommerce store. With this plugin, you can add Quick view and Product Ribbon features.