Banners Anywhere

This Plugin allows you to configure slider for home page as well as multiple category page for your store with multiple options.

Supported Versions: nopCommerce 3.50 , nopCommerce 3.60 , nopCommerce 3.70, nopCommerce 3.80, nopCommerce 3.90, nopCommerce 4.0, nopCommerce 4.1
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This plugin creates a Slideshow/Slider for the home page as well as multiple categories with a lot of flexible options easily.

Main Features

1. Allows you add "N" number of the image to Nivo slider.

2. Allows you set multiple Nivo slider options such as effect, theme, animation speed, pause time etc.

3. Allows you set Nivo slider to every category page separately. 

4. Allows you set Custom theme for the every slide from "Custom Slider"

5. Allow you to set every Testimonial to  every comment from "Testimonial Slider"


Products specifications
Features Themeable
Features Multi-Store Support
Features Razor files are open to modifications
Features Easy to install and manage from the nopCommerce Admin panel
Features Responsive Design